I99 Fit Gymnastics

Coaches: David Bradley

Our system introduces gymnastics mobility, drills and skills to adult athletes in a dynamic nature to increase range of motion and the athlete’s natural ability to find the most efficient movement pattern. Our energetic and enthusiastic team of expert instructors will use hands on approach to shaping the way you move. We utilize real time visual video analysis, kinesthetic position shaping and auditory cues to connect with you in the way you learn. Our core curriculum aims at increasing the adult athlete’s ability to perform gymnastics skills found in fitness competitions more efficiently. Our core skills include bar muscle-ups, ring muscle-ups, walking handstands, handstand push-ups, press handstands, and the mobility exercises needed to progress safely to mastery. Each skill is broken into 5 key phases designed to shape the hollow and arch positions required for the body to move as one unit instead of individual disconnected segments. In short you get i99 Fit!