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CrossFit Kids

What is CrossFit


CrossFit Kids is a generalized strength and conditioning program of constantly varied, functional movements. The program utilizes the CrossFit methodology applied in a scaled manner suitable for children and focuses on the concept of pairing fitness with fun. CrossFit Kids incorporates many of the same movements done in the adult classes. Life, sport, and fitness require us to be able to run, jump, throw, hop, leap, pull, and push and our Kids program teaches just that in a fun and supportive environment. At CrossFit Kids children learn skills, knowledge, and discipline that help adolescents excel in everyday life and perform at a higher level in the classroom and on the playground.

Who Is the Coach?

Sara House

After gradating from Colorado State University, I immediately began working with children of all ages as a neuropsychological consultant. As a neuropsychological consultant, I helped assess brain function of children of various ages and cognitive levels. From there I went on to earn my MA in Special Education and teaching licensure. I have had the privilege to teach 3rd graders all the way into college, ranging from mild and moderate learning disabilities, twice exceptional, AP courses and the general population. It has been absolute dream come true to pair my two passions of teaching and CrossFit.

Research has shown that learning is optimal following exercise. We try to capitalize on this time by incorporating a study session following each CF Kids and CF Teens class. During these sessions athletes are encouraged to bring material or homework from their most difficult subject. I will help athletes for the remaining class time with their subject or study skills.

Who Can Participate?

CrossFit Kids: Ages 6-11

This class is an hour in duration and includes 45 minutes of CrossFit and 15 minutes of homework/tutoring time. This class continues to build on the foundational movements of CrossFit while adding load and increasingly complex movements. A typical class would include:

  • General warm-up
  • Focus and skill work
  • 1-2 Wod’s
  • Game incorporating movements
  • Mobility
  • 15 minute study session with licensed teacher
CrossFit Teens: Ages 12+

This class is an hour in duration and similar to the CF Kids program includes 15 minutes of homework/tutoring time. It looks very similar to an adult CrossFit class incorporating barbells, advanced movements and load appropriate for an individual’s developmental and skill level. This is an excellent program for student athletes either during or off-season that addresses all 10 of the general physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance. A typical class would include:

  • General warm-up
  • Focus and skill work
  • Wod
  • Skills
  • Additional skill work on advanced movements or weightlifting
  • Mobility
  • 15 minute study session with licensed teacher


What Should my Kid Wear?

Kids should come in athletic clothing and should bring a water bottle. Either tennis shoes or skate shoes (like DCs or Vans) are great footwear for what we do.

Parents Role

We ask parents not to give instruction, coaching, or correction during class. Parents have the option to drop-off and pick-up their child or to wait in the couch area of the shop. Parents are not permitted to participate in the class or wander the floor.

What is the Cost of CrossFit Kids/Teens?

*Preschool, Kids, Teens 2X per week $75

*Teens 3X per week for $100

Punch Card: 15 Classes for $150 (these can not be shared between siblings and no discount is available)

Drop-In Classes: $15 per Class

* Discount-applicable on auto paying memberships above

-25% off with 1 auto paying adult membership

-50% off with 2 auto paying adult memberships

How Do I Sign-up my Kid?

Talk to a Coach or email Steve or Ashley at [email protected].

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