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New to CrossFit

Getting started has never been easier! Simply fill out the form below to schedule a “No Sweat Intro”. This brief meet-up you’ll meet with a team member to learn how our classes/gym operate, tell us about your goals, and learn how we can help you meet them. For anyone with less than 3 months of CrossFit experience at an affiliate, we strongly recommend completing our 3-session Onboarding Program -or- our new offering of Beginner Classes starting October 3. For the month of October we will offer all Beginner classes for FREE!

The 3 Onboarding Classes are small in size, slow-paced, and focus on movement progression so you learn proper form and the safe way to move weight. Onboarding classes are scheduled through a team member. 

Experienced CrossFitter

If you have more than 3 months, (or have recently completed an onboarding program at a CrossFit affiliate) we’d love to have you try us out! Experienced CrossFitters are welcome to a Free Trial Class. If you are new to CrossFit we are offering our Beginner Classes for Free for the month of October!!

Please fill out the form below to be directed to our online schedule to see what class works for you. **By choosing “Experienced CrossFitter” you’ll be guided to our calendar, click the time slot you are interested in, then register for a free trial. We look forward to meeting you! 

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