Thursday, Aug 4, 2022


Thursday, Aug 4, 2022

CrossFit Benchmark WOD: “CrossFit Total”
Sum of the best of 3 attempts at each lift:
Back Squat
Shoulder Press

Attempt each lift 3 times. The weight must increase after each successful attempt at each movement. The weight may not be decreased after the first attempt. A failed rep counts as an attempt. Take the Back Squat and Shoulder Press (aka: Strict Press) from the rack.

There is no time limit for each lift or for the length of the session in which they are all performed, but they must all be performed during one session (i.e., athlete cannot leave the area to rest or perform other activities between the three lifts).

Write down individual scores along with total sum and turn at front desk ~ don’t forget your name!!! Scores will be written on the PR wall.


“TRIPLE JACKIE-ish” (edit)
3 Rounds for time:
1000m row
50 Thrusters (45/35)
30 burpees