Thursday, June 16, 2022


Thursday, June 16, 2022

CrossFit gyms around the country are doing this WOD on Saturday but we prefer to program Hero WODs on Thursdays as many folks go out of town on the weekends or have other obligations.

Hero WOD: “Eva Strong”
Partner Workout 
5 Rounds for time: 
24 Double unders (each, at the same time)
19 Toes to bar (split)
2 Clean and jerks (205/135) (split)
400m Run (each, at the same time)

5- Month 
24- Day 
19- Students who lost their lives 
2- Teachers who lost their lives

From Shotgun Crossfit: “Eva Mireles lost her life trying to protect her 4th grade class in the Robb Elementary class. She was a regular member of Shotgun CrossFit in Uvalde, TX, a Mayhem Affiliate. 

The last WOD Eva ever did was “Gui”, on Monday, May 23rd. This was her (and our) last week of MURPH Prep. With her weighted vest on, Eva finished “Gui” as we all cheered her on. 

It is her husband, Ruben, and daughter, Addy Ruiz, desire to create a hero WOD and do it in her honor…”